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Year 4

Year 4 Teaching Team 2020 / 2021





Summer Term 1

In Summer Term 1, we focused on rocks and Prehistoric Britain. We had a 'rocking' great time looking at how rocks are formed and how the first people in Britain lived and what they learnt. We even managed to have a trip to Kent's Caverns!

Spring Term 2 Learning

PSSP Roman Catholic Virtual Athletics Competition


In December 2020, Year 4 took part in the PSSP Roman Catholic Virtual Athletics Competition. This involved taking part in some different athletics activities and measuring our best scores. The activities were: standing long jump, standing triple jump, 100m relays, speed bounce and chest push.


After lots of huffing and puffing, we entered our scores and I am extremely pleased to announce that St Peter's won Gold!


Well done to all the pupils who took part and worked so hard individually and as a team. 




Dress like a Roman day - Thursday 10th December 2020


Barclays Coding Playground - 26th November 2020


Year 4 took part in a virtual coding class showing us how to create a translator app on Scratch. We did very well to keep up and enjoyed having chance to explore Scratch and see some of the wonderful things we can do with coding. 





AT2 - Should the Celts have fought back?

Times Tables Rock Stars Plymouth Cast Year 4 Champions Autumn Term 2020!

Autumn Term 1 - Rainforests


This term we have focused on rainforests of the world. We have explored a lot about the weather, where we find them, the animals that live there and deforestation of them. We produced some lovely bits of writing describing the setting of a rainforest and we also created some wonderful art based upon the work of Henri Rousseau. 

Topic page for Rainforests - AT1

Autumn 1 Thematic Web

Year 3 2017 / 2018

Year 3 / 4 Summer Theme: Living Things

Year 3/4 Spring Theme: Europe

The Year Three Teaching Team 2017 / 2018


Teacher: Mrs. C. Bishop


Teaching Assistant: Mrs. K. Watson



Thematic Web Spring 2018

Thematic Web - Ancient Greeks - Summer 2

Pen licences!

Exploding the volcanoes - 26/5/17

Weighing objects - 24/5/17

Solar system themed hunt around the classroom - 19/5/17

Making shape using different mediums - 4/5/17-10/5/17

Seeing UV light science experiment - 9/5/17

Year 3 has talent - 5/5/17

Still image for this video

Exploring reflections in science - 2/5/17

Investigating reflective objects - 25/4/16

Thematic Web - The Solar System - Summer 1

Ordering the events of Holy Week - 30/3/17

Year 3/4 performance of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies - 28/3/17

Completed working wall - 27/3/17

Science - plants - growing cress seeds

Our 'show it' activities - 7/3/17

World book day - 2/3/17

Role playing our new Talk for Writing book King of the Birds - 21/2/17

Thematic web - Under the Sea - Spring 2

Working walls from the end of Spring term 1 - 9/2/17

Fraction work - 2/2/17

Performance poetry - 2/2/17

Still image for this video

Matching rocks and soils - 31/1/17

Working on our targets in English - 25/1/17

Our pledge - 19/1/7

How to multiply using the column method - 19/1/17

Still image for this video

How to multiply using the column method - 19/1/17

Still image for this video

Ordering what they would do if they were a Stone Age man - 13/1/7

The Land Before Time! - Thematic web Spring term 1

Plymouth homework from Autumn term 2

Christmas jumper day - 16/12/16

Directing each other around the classroom in science - 7/12/16

Using money in maths - 28/11/16

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe - Thematic web Autumn term 2

Role playing the annunciation - 24/11/16

Completed Maths and R.E working walls - 22/11/16

Sentence writing focusing on capital letters and full stops - 16/11/16

Working on our Maths with practical resources - 14/11/16

Completed theme working wall and board games - 21/10/16

Completing the Mayan pyramid challenge - 21/10/16

Role playing the feeding of the 5000 - 13/10/16

Completed working walls for Maths and English - 11/10/16

Playing Maths games to embed what we have learnt - 10/10/16

Making Mayan 3D shapes - 7/10/16

Mayan cooking - tortillas - 7/10/16

Which materials are magnetic? Experiment - 5/10/16

Using cubes to help us add and subtract - 4/10/16

The end of our Creation unit in R.E - 4/10/16

Finished working walls for English and Maths - 23/09/16

Testing out different Maths games - 23/09/16

Role playing the Baptism of Jesus - 22/09/16

Science experiment - forces 14/09/16

You wouldn't want to be a Mayan! - Thematic web Autumn term 1

#Y3 #MakeASplash selling cakes for #CAFOD

Some more fantastic homework.

More amazing homework projects.


Still image for this video

Erupting volcanoes.

Still image for this video
Yr3 children have been learning about volcanoes. They made their own volcano and made it erupt in class today. It was smelly but fun!!!!

More super project work

Look at our amazing Stone Age projects.

Practical Maths

Welcome to Year Three 2015 / 2016

Teachers: Mrs. D. Balfour and Mrs. S. Plunkett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. P. Hamilton

Thematic Webs 2015 / 2016

Year Three Class Photos