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Year 3

Year Three 2020 / 2021





Year 3 enjoyed being a Roman for the day (Dec 2020)

Rainforest Topic Page Sept 2020

Thematic Web Spring 2 2020

Thematic Web Spring 2020 - Space

Caring for our common home (Autumn 2019)

Firefighters from Crownhill fire station visited yr2 to talk about fire safety.

Yr 2s reflected quietly in the prayer space.

Yr2 and all the infants performed brilliantly in our Christmas play 'Jesus in the manger'

Autumn 2 Thematic Web 'This Guy is ON FIRE!'

Y2 explore the Jewish faith during our #Judaismweek

Y2 roleplay the journey of Badger and his efforts to get the disgusting sandwich!

One more or less of a given 2-digit number anyone? Perhaps partitioning 2-digit numbers into TENS and ONES? Look no further than Y2's amazing mathematicians!

Y2 explore #nouns and #adjectives to write expanded noun phrases

Y2 go 'Pattern Sniffing' with sequences of colours and 'Investigate Number Systems' with the numerals 10-100!

Y2 explore different ways of holding a pencil to make different marks when sketching

Meet the new Year 2s!

Mr Farr and Year Two, 2015 / 2016

Autumn 1 Thematic Web 'The Disgusting Sandwich!'

Welcome to Year Two 2015 / 2016

Teacher: Miss K. Rogers

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. L. Treglown & Mrs. J. Jenkins

Year Two Academic Year 2014 / 2015 (ARCHIVE BELOW)

Y2 Mini Games at Beechwood Primary


Click on the link below to see the pictures taking during the Y2 Mini Games competition. Well done to the whole team for your excellent athleticism and winning the relay trophy! smiley

Devonport High School for Girls Rugby themed Dance Workshop


Click on the 'Summer Term' link below to access photos of Year 2's dancing workshop on Monday with the #DHSG team.

Y2 dress up as 'Intrepid Explorers'

Y2 roleplay 'Augustus and His Smile'

Y2 Roleplay Augustus and His Smile

After reading through Augustus and His Smile, Year 2 created their own actions to accompany retelling the story. Here's a snippet of the action. Well done for all your enthusiasm and contributions to group work.

Bishop Mark visits Y2

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

Can you remember why it began to go dark during the partial solar eclipse? If not, then look no further than this video to consolidate you understanding of how the moon perfectly aligns itself to block out the sun's rays during 'daytime'.

The Bible App for Kids - Download Today

If you can, DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY! An excellent app to explore many stories and scripture we have covered in the liturgical year so far!

Y2 dress up for World Book Day 2015

Multiskills Festival @ Notre Dame


Click on the 'Spring Term' hyperlink below to see some photographs from Wednesday's Multiskills festival.

Ramayana: Story of Diwali | Mocomi Kids

Watch this vide to recap the story of Diwali (pronounced Divali), The Festival of Light.

Recap Rama, Sita and Lakshmi getting exiled to the jungle where they meet the demon mistress, Surpanakha who eventually gets her nose chopped off; the monkey god Hanuman and the demon king, Ravana, who cannot be killed, or can he?!

Keep watching this to consolidate what you will act out in our class re-enactment with designed face masks!

Y2 Planting trees with Chris Avent (Stepping Stones 2 Nature)

The Story of Zechariah

Today we started our work on Advent - the build up and preparation for Christmas. Part of our unit of work was to explore the story of Zechariah, John the Baptist's father, and his reaction to the 'Good News' bestowed upon him by the messenger Gabriel.

What would your reaction have been to receiving such good news? Would you have doubted what was said? Would you have immediately believed the news shared?

Time Lapse of Pea Shoot / Root Growth

Time-lapse of a pea plant growing from seed, showing both the shoot and root system. Late in the video, the plant loses its water supply and wilts/desiccates, but bounces back once water is re-added. Timelapse is at 20 min per frame, 15fps. That means that 1 second of video is 5 hours in real time.

Wake 'n Shake Routine

As requested: please see the attached for our 'Wake 'n Shake' routine we get jiggy too!

Understanding Fractions Using The Paper Folding Method

Recap finding halves and quarters by folding a shape. Remember: edge to edge is the key, and does each 'half' look like the other?

Y2 identify ODD and EVEN numbers

ODD number song

This song teaches the odd digits, and shows that any number ending in an odd digit is also odd.

Odd numbers, Odd numbers, Can't be beat, Those 5 digits, Are so sweet...

EVEN number song

This song reviews the concepts of even numbers (and helps teach the fact that all even numbers can be 'split in half')- pause the video to ask students if the examples are even or odd.

Fireman Sam gives a Bonfire Night message to the children of Wales

Are you going out to watch the fireworks this Wednesday? Will you be building your own fire and lighting your own sparklers? Then look no further, as Fireman Sam will give you some helpful tips to stay safe this year!

Guy Fawkes: Bonfire Night

Please watch this video to refresh you memory of The Gunpowder Plot! Remember to turn up your speakers to hear the narrator.

COUNT TO TEN in Korean 1-10

And for those interested in having a go at counting to 10 in Korean, please watch this video! Alternatively, ask the girls for some private tuition!

Counting in Korean!

Still image for this video
Two members of Y2 demonstrated counting up to ten in Korean, as well as donning their fabulous Taekwondo kits. Thank you, girls!

Y2 investigate: What is the best way to remove bacteria from our hands?

Bacteria - YUCK!

Watch this video to see how easily bacteria is spread. This is why it's so important to wash your hands regularly!

Y2 measure the classroom, its contents and other people's feet! Shoes WERE kept on!

Estimating and counting in groups of 10

DRAGONS! - Wiki for Kids (Cool School)

Catch up on our class introduction to Dragons using this short video.

Say "Hello!" to Y2.

Year 2 Academic Year 2014 / 2015 Mr. A. Farr

Year 2 Termly Curriculum sheet Autumn 2014