Using Google Classroom

Currently, all of our learning is set via the Google Classroom platform. Each child at St Peter's has their own Google Account which they can use to access Classroom, their own personal drive and the other Google services.

However, we understand that using Google Classrooms can initially be quite daunting and seem complicated. On this page there is a collection of short videos that will help you to understand how to access Google Classroom and use the platform to complete learning.

Logging into your Google account
A short video explaining how your child/ren can use their Google account to login using a web browser.
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How to work on and hand in a piece of learning on Google Classrooms

A short video showing how to edit a Google Doc and how to hand your finished learning in to your teacher.
How to upload pictures and videos to Google Classroom assignments.

This should show you how to add pictures or a video to a piece of learning on Google Classroom. I have used the app but it should be a similar process when u...