Religious Education

At St. Peter's we follow  'Come and See' to deliver RE. Here is an overview of what will be covered in each year group in Spring 2023. 
Spring 2023
Assisi Class have been learning about how the parish family gathers together to celebrate. We enjoyed acting out the beginning of Mass.
A Year 6 pupil came to Assisi to share about his role as an altar server and to help us learn about how the Church welcomes people. We learnt a lot!
Sikhism Week 2022 - 'Sikhs like to share'. Nightingale came to Assisi to share a sweat treat.
Judaism Week
During Advent, Assisi class have been retelling the story of Jesus' birth. We enjoyed dressing up!
This is a wonderful opportunity to listen to some truly superb reflections over our Lenten period, from many members of our Plymouth Cast Family. There are speakers from all over the Diocese who definitely give you food for thought in this Liturgical season.
This is our First Holy Communion Prayer! :)