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Subordinating conjunction or preposition?

This finally makes so much sense! Check it out!

GrammarsaurusDoesSATs - Different types of clauses and a semi-colon secret! SHHHHH!

What's the difference between a main clause, subordinate clause, relative clause, independent clause and a dependent clause? And what the heck is a relative pronoun? Watch this easy-to-follow video to find out! It's easier than it sounds. BONUS: Cheat your way to semi-colon success. But don't tell anyone! Shh!

GrammarsaurusDoesSATs (KS1 & 2) - Exclamation Sentences

When is a sentence an exclamation sentence? Watch this video to fully understand why 'What' and 'How' are used to exclaim!

GrammarsaurusDoesSATs - Subjunctive Form

Hi guys! Here's an explanation of the subjunctive form! It's really easy if I'm honest, check it out!! :)

Grammarsaurus Does SATs - Subordinating conjunctions

Watch this video to learn all about subordinating conjunctions and clause structure. Remember this are not FANBOYS (coordinating conjunctions).

Grammarsaurus does SATs - Co-ordinating conjunctions

Come and watch my grammar tutorial all about co-ordinating conjunctions! Remember FANBOYS!

Grammarsaurus does SATS - Active and passive voice

Welcome to a new series focusing on the new sample SPaG tests provided by the Govt. In this series, I will help you tackle the new terminology and requirements of the new SPaG curriculum. Stay tuned for tips, tricks and quality explanations! Find me on Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. Thanks!