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English is taught throughout the School for one hour each day.
English is central to our curriculum. It is the way we understand and interpret our
world and the way we communicate our thoughts and ideas to others. We have three
aspects that make up this area of the curriculum.
Speaking and Listening: Children first start to understand their world through speech.
From the day they come into School we encourage children to develop their fluency
and increase their confidence. At the same time we stress the importance of listening,
an aspect that does not develop as naturally today in a very visually orientated world.


Reading: All pupils begin their journey of learning to read through daily phonics sessions.
Our aim to foster positive attitudes towards books and literature, is by
encouraging children to become attentive listeners and reflective readers, library users
both in and out of School and book owners. This is best achieved through children
regularly enjoying a wide variety of books. Reading scheme books will help children to
progressively build up a widening vocabulary of words, and help them to develop the
phonic structures to read and write new words, while library books will allow children
from an early age to explore new and exciting ideas, and widen their horizons.
Parents have a crucial role to play in encouraging children to acquire these skills, by
listening to them read, reading to them, and by sharing stories and ideas together.


Writing: Writing revolved around the need to communicate our thoughts in a way that
others will understand. Writing therefore must have a purpose. In writing we
encourage children to express their ideas, communicate instructions, record
information and reflect on experiences. As children develop, then time is spent on the
structure of writing. This will involve handwriting, grammar, punctuation, spelling and
presentation etc.


From January 2016, the Read, Write Inc programme to deliver a daily high quality phonics, reading and writing will be used at St. Peter's. This is an exciting and significant challenge to raise standards and progress in English throughout the school.


Pupil progress in English is monitored at least once every term by members of the senior leadership team through scrutiny of planning, work, pupil progress meetings and learning walks as part of our on going school improvement plan.