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A Special Kind of Present (Infant Christmas Play 2014)

St Peter's RC Infants 2014: 'A Special Kind of Present'

The Infants perform the title song 'A Special Kind of Present' during their Christmas Play rehearsals.

A Special Kind Of Present

(Infant Christmas Play 2014)


Dear All,


Please see below for all of this year's songs as well as song sheets.


Best Regards,


Mrs. Smith, Miss. Glanfield and Mr. Farr

02 We're Racing Cars.wma

03 Everybody ought to have a teddy bear.wma

04 Lollipop Brigade.wma

05 From the tip of my toes.wma

06 I'm the star of the show.wma

07 A Special Kind of Present.wma

08 Haven't any Room.wma

10 Glory, Glory! What a story!.wma

11 Gold and Frankincense and Myrrh.wma

12 A Special Kind Of Present TAKE 2.wma

13 Glory, Glory! TAKE 2.wma